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Next Generation Hearing Protection

The problem of Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) in the work place is a problem for a vast number of SMEs and European workers in general, particularly those in the manufacturing and transport sectors. NIHL results in reduced productivity from lost work days, insurance claims and potential early retirement due to disability. Current EU legislation requires employers to provide suitable ear protection for workers exposed to high levels of noise. However, worker compliance in hearing conservation programs often is low. The attitude of many workers is that the use of hearing protection impairs hearing capability. Therefore a suitable alternative to existing ear protection is needed – one allowing specific ranges of sound frequencies (i.e. those within the range of speech and alarms) to be heard whilst significantly reducing other potentially harmful noise frequencies.

In Summary the PiexoSelEx device will:

  • help promote productivity due to easier communication
  •  reduce the risk of NIHL by reducing noise levels
  • contribute to a more comfortable work environment due to perceived lower levels of noise
  • reduce employee absenteeism due to increased wearer comfort and a reduction in NIHL
  • contribute to a safer working environment as warning signals such as fire alarms and local machine alarms will be easier to hear
  • help promote productivity due to easier communication

  • The PiezoSelEx project aims to address the problems associated with existing hearing protection equipment.